Marketing at the service of your goals

If you are positioned on a BtoC market, whatever the product or service you offer, in any growth strategy you must establish the right marketing tools to:

  • Make yourself known by your target propects,
  • Convert them into customers of your products and services,
  • And finally hold them captive of your offer.


“Reaching your target prospects and capturing them”

Internet and mobile users are overstretched in a world where the offer is plentiful. In this media jungle, you need to use the right vectors to target the relevant audience for your offer. We help you establish this strategy to guarantee an optimal acquisition cost.


“Facilitating regular use of your offer”

Having occasional customers of your product or service who use it “just to see” or opportunistically is OK. Converting them into regular, profitable clients is better. We provide efficient solutions to make your user experience unforgettable.


“Retaining your clients”

Client retention cost is usually much less than acquisition cost. We help you establish tools for detecting the weaknesses in your customer relationship or in your user experience. We assist you in the definition and implementation of corrective solutions.

Our fields of expertise

The marketing world is vast and we don’t claim to master it as a whole, but we are particularly efficient in the following fields:

  • Social media,
  • Mobile AppStores,
  • And the web video revolution.

Social Media

“For a successful lauch of your products”

The web has become social (web 2.0) and no marketing strategy can neglect this component today. It obeys very specific codes and requires you to demultiply the tasks in the promotional campaigns you want to run. We help you:

  • Define the social networks matching your target,
  • Develop and manage your communication spaces on those networks,
  • Ensure adequate execution and monitoring of your campaigns,
  • Establish and automate the necessary bridges with your other media (paper, web, Apps…).

App Store Optimization

“Standing out in this jungle”

The visibility space on an AppStore is very small and competition is rough but leverage effects are huge for those who know how to optimize their position. If you launch an App, its future reference on the AppStore is a project in itself. You need to take the right actions at the right time. We will guide you in this particular world by:

  • Assisting you in choosing the best keywords for your publication,
  • Establishing the functionalities required for monitoring and “activating” your App users,
  • Taking over and coordinating the different marketing actions for a successful launch,
  • Integrating the tools required for monitoring your App usage.

Video Marketing

“Because video has become essential on the Web”

After the surge of the web penetration rate, you need to ease into the new ongoing revolution: the transition from image and text to video. This requires new skills. We provide them by:

  • Helping you define scenarios adapted to your goals,
  • Converting your static presentations into videos,
  • Making available a recording space equipped for your video pitches,
  • Performing the final editing of your videos.


AppAnnie / Distimo, Flurry, Google Analytics, Leanplum, Localytics, Swrve, SensorTower, MobileDevHq, AppCodes, AppStatics


Teasing, SqeezePage, Retargeting, Video Series,…

Mailing-list management

Awerber, Mailchimp, Sarbacane,…

Recording studio

8000Watt lighting, Green screen, Teleprompter, Professional video camera.

Video editing

Camtasia, After Effect, Adobe premiere.

Cross Marketing

Google adWords, Facebook Ad’s, Twiter Ad’s, Linkedin Ad’s,…