Digital strategy consulting

We can help you define your digital strategy:

  • During the audit phase of your context, by performing a DigitalSWOT (Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats analysis in view of the digital revolution in your industry),
  • During the definition phase of your digital strategy (conquering, disruptive, optimizing),
  • During the implementation of your digital strategy by defining and monitoring your general roadmap and OQ (operational qualification). 

Conquering strategy

“improve your sales”

A conquering digital strategy must allow you to use the right levers of the digital world at every step of your sales process.
We guide you in your acquisition process so you stand out in the web jungle and improve your visibility. This ensures that you generate as much traffic as possible with the best ROI possible.
We analyze the optimization possibilities with you so you can improve your conversion rate. Your global client acquisition cost decreases. Finally, we help you trigger a virtuous circle to retain your clients, then convert them into your trademark’s ambassadors.

Disruptive strategy

“put the competition out of action”

A disruptive digital strategy must allow you do redefine your offer or your business by using the most recent digital innovations. We select and guide you through the digital innovations that may allow you to offer new products or perform your job with a completely different approach. You put your competition out of action and stay ahead of them.

Optimization strategy

“decrease your delivery costs”

A digital optimization strategy must allow you to rethink your processes and the means to achieve them from a fresh perspective, by integrating the most up-to-date digital technologies. We guide you in the jungle of the latest digital technologies so you can choose wisely between novelty and continuity. By decreasing your internal cost you will improve your financial margins, your economic strength and consequently your capacity to grow.

Help in expressing user needs

We can help you express your needs:

  • By drafting a complete set of business requirements so you can start a bidding process, or simply make sure that your prime contractor, whether he’s internal or external, receives a comprehensive specification,
  • By drafting an initial project contract if you consider implementing your need by following an Agile methodology.

Drafting specifications

“for classic V-model projects”

The specifications we draft aim at building a technical and functional framework for the IT developments to be carried out. We can also help you draft a QAP (Quality Assurance Plan) so you can provide your future subcontractor with your expectations in terms of project monitoring and organization during the acceptance testing phase of the project deliverables.

Initial project vision

“for Agile methodology-based projects”

The Agile methodology allows great, scalable flexibility throughout the development phase of the project. It allows you to easily adapt to the evolutions of your need. The easy pitfall is to stop at a rough, or worse, meaningless initial description of your need. That would result in zero visibility in terms of project timeline and cost. We offer to help you draft your initial project vision in order to define its functional scope as clearly as possible.

Project management

We can help you during its execution stage:

  • In the context of a classic fixed-price, V-model project, we help you with the contracting process to make sure the prime contractor receives a very clear framework, according to the specification that was the basis of the contract,
  • In the context of an Agile methodology-based project, we can take action as delegate “Product Owner” in order to guarantee permanent availability during the planning, reviewing or retrospective analysis phase of the sprints.

Outsourced project management

“proper monitoring guarantees a successful project”

Whether you don’t have enough time or simply lack experience on the subject, we will help you carry out your IT projects. We will never overstep your role as a decision-maker. We participate in the steering committees, we make sure milestones are enforced, we provide an enlightened opinion on the possible corrections in case of delays, we prepare the progress reports and we provide you with a synthetic overview. We will be the interpreter between you and your prime contractor, to make sure there is no deviation from the specification because of a misunderstanding of the technical language.

Delegate Product Owner

“because in Agile methodology, availability is essential”

The Agile methodology provides great flexibility in the progress of IT projects. But such an approach requires that the client be very available. Very often, everyday life gets the upper hand and priority management strongly impacts project development. As a consequence, adopting the Agile methodology can result counter-productive as opposed to the classical V-model. Our collaborator who assisted you in the description of your initial project vision can extend his/her services and help you during the planning, reviewing or retrospective analysis phase of the sprints.

Acceptance testing management

Acceptance testing is the phase of a V-model project that helps check that the final deliverable matches the initial specification, both at a functional and operational point of view. Although it culminates at the end of the project cycle, acceptance testing must be defined, organized and planned at the beginning. Taking this into account, we can assist you in its execution by:

  • planning upstream of the assistance testing environment and team,
  • drafting the acceptance testing requirements and refining test scenarios as the project is carried out,
  • building test scenarios,
  • managing test execution during the operational acceptance test/aptitude verification phase and the OQ (operational qualification) phase.